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– January/February 2014

Denver’s Westword

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– 11/28/13

“As a non-believer, I’m outside the religion; I’m telling my story and pushing back from the outside, but Reverend Henderson is on the inside, pushing for change.”

Aspen Times:
Front page story
– 11/9/13

KDNK community radio: – 11/8/13
(includes interview with producers of another show)

Listen to only Thea’s interview

Post Independent: Story on homepage – 11/8/13

Rated “RAD!” by The Metropolitan 1/31/13 (Metro State University’s student newspaper)

“It is not an everyday occurrence that I go to a comedy expecting religion-bashing and instead find myself healing my own grievances against religion.”

—Kailyn Lamb

The Metropolitan
[photo: Heather Newman]

Westword:Q&A with Robin Edwards – 1/24/13

Westword: Let Us Play – 1/22/13


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