Booking Info

Thank you for your interest in bringing Jesus Loves You! (but hates me) to your town, campus or organization!

Below are our basic requirements. Please ask if you have any questions—we’re happy to clarify.

Basic Venue Requirements:

  • Stage—minimum area of 20’ wide x 15’ wide x 12’ high
  • Lighting—way to light performance space without washing out video screen (see Light Plot on “Tech Sheets” page).
  • Sound—house sound system w/8 inputs into mixing board or PA system if we bring our board


  • Travel—primarily gas; overnight lodging (if needed) negotiable
  • Lodging— unless we have friends in town, we may ask you to provide a place to stay within 5 miles of venue (guest room in someone’s house welcome!) with parking for an SUV towing a 5’x8’ cargo trailer
  • Food—negotiable

Time Requirements:

We need the venue for at least 12 hours:

  • Load-in/Set up:  4-6 hours
  • Dinner Break:  2 hours
  • Tech Check:  1 hour
  • Pre/Post Show: 1 hour
  • Performance:  2 hours
  • Strike/Load out:  2 hours

So for instance, we’d load in at noon for an 8 p.m. performance, ideally. We prefer to load-out the next morning in the daylight, if at all possible.

Payment Arrangements:

Here are a several options to consider:

  1. We pay to rent the venue, then we keep all ticket sales.
  2. We split the ticket sales 50/50 with the venue; no rent paid.
  3. Venue/organization pays us a negotiable honorarium, then venue/organization keeps all ticket sales.
  4. We keep all ticket sales, pay no rent, and donate a percentage to venue/organization.
  5. Some combo of the above.

In all of the above scenarios, we’d ask for help marketing the show to your membership and/or community. We encourage you to have an info table at the event if you’d like.

We have some flexibility around payment arrangements at this time. Mostly we are committed to finding an arrangement that works well for both parties. We are especially flexible if the performance is a benefit in some way for your nonprofit organization, which is aligned with our mission.

Technical Requirements:

For details about our technical requirements, please review our tech sheets.

Required Volunteers:

We may ask your organization provide volunteers (in exchange for comp tickets) for the following:

  • Street Team—putting up posters, setting up media interviews, and/or help with other publicity
  • Box Office—selling/taking tickets at the door
  • Merchandise—watching merchandise table during intermission and 15 minutes after the show
  • Production—loading in set pieces/gear, setting up/striking

Please contact us for more information. We look forward to working with you!