Audience Reactions

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“AMAZING. PROVOCATIVE. STUNNING. SHARP. Thea’s articulation of what it means to be human and to love couldn’t have come across any more clearly. The show and production keep stirring in between my mind and heart.”
—Rev. Brian Henderson, First Baptist Church of Denver

“Your show is AWESOME! Very inspiring! Thanks for being so vulnerable and putting your heart and soul out there for us all to have some healing opportunities!”
—Comedian Nancy Norton, Boulder Colo.

“It is not an everyday occurrence that I go to a
comedy expecting religion-bashing and instead
find myself healing my own grievances against religion.”
—Kailyn Lamb, The Metropolitan
[Metro State University, Denver Colo.]

“Don’t miss Thea Deley’s brilliant show. It’s irreverent, funny and enlightening.”
—Christie Aschwanden, writer


“Last night was a blast! Thanks so much for a badass show. It’s not every night you get to stone people on a stage…”
—Jaclyn Foglio, Denver

“Saw your show at the Bug in Denver last night—outstanding! Please let me know when you will be back in town; we are a group of Unitarians that love theater and really love satirical looks at the traditional religions.”
—Tom Roberts, Golden, Colo.

“Thank you for a great show! It was a lot of fun with a lot of laughs. I was thankful for the opportunity to be involved on stage. Thanks again.” —Jake Vanhoutan, Durango, Colo.

“Absolutely brilliant show. So impressed with the humor and depth. Thea is wonderful in her various roles. I laughed, I cried … I laughed so hard I cried. Thanks!”
—Kara Colter, Denver

“Awesome! Such a joy and an inspiration!”
—Jesse Epstein, Ft. Collins, Colo.


“An excellent show. The show last night was really excellent and helped to make me feel less in the shadows with my non-belief. It was inspiring to be in a theatre full of people who really seemed to connect with the concepts! I thought the video sketches were hilarious and really well done, but the majority of praise (pun intended) goes to Thea. She reminded me of Gilda Radner at times!”
—Neal Babcock, Ft. Collins, Colo.

“Jesus Loves You (but hates me) is the most important play of my adult life. It made me feel a lot of things, but the number one was joy. You’ve got to see this show!”
—JoeAlan, singer/songwriter

“I was so impressed with your show. The writing, your creativity, your performance and talent—so many wonderful ideas. I just loved it so much. You two single-handedly entertained us for 2 hours! I would definitely see the show again. It was awesome!” —Susan Kodish, Boulder, Colo.

“Extraordinary show! What an incredible bit of theater on so many levels, a generous creative gift, a beautiful human expression.”
—Don Foster, radio host

“Great energy and versatility. I haven’t seen anything like this since I saw Lily Tomlin’s one-woman show on Broadway!”
—Elaine Brett, business consultant

“Just want to let you know how much I enjoyed your show last night. It truly feels like you’ve produced a gem — it’s entertaining and ground breaking and powerful. Very excited to see what becomes of it! Also wanted to find out if you actually made those bumper-sticker cover up packages, and if you plan on selling them at future shows. That was quite clever, hilarious, and I WANT ONE!”
—Annette Pretorius, art center director

“One of the many joys of watching Thea perform was feeling like I was watching a younger version of Carol Burnett. Like Carol, Thea is an amazingly funny and at the same time authentic person.”
—Celia Roberts, photographer

“Wow. Please extend my bravo to Thea. She’d be happy to know that a bunch of us stood around outside for an hour talking religion after her show. What an amazing piece of work.”
—Craig Childs, author

“Thea is the right person to share this message because she does it with love.”
—Helen Highwater, musician

“Such a great show. Passionate,  thought-provoking, sad, funny. LOVED it. Thank you for a wonderful night.”
—Ali Lightfoot, radio program director

“Wow. I am blown away by your amazing show. I was rolling with laughter half the time and holding my breath the other half. Loved all your characters, and hearing your story in your own voice was the most powerful part of the show for me.”
—Carl Smith, actor/director


“I loved Thea’s show! I found it really healing. I made a shift in perspective, and had a feeling of total joy at the end. It was so moving for me and so helpful.”
 —Mary Lee Hauze, teacher

“Thea Deley has created a brave show—funny, serious and moving.”
—Marty Durlin, playwright

“Show was so amazing!!! Seriously, just so freakin’ great! Thank you so much for sharing your experiences. It was more powerful and touching than you may have realized. There were a lot of things that really struck home with me, and the ending was so beautiful and inspiring.”
—Amber McDaniel, college student


“BRAVO. What a great beginning to what I hope is a long run on a great idea.”
—Lisa Maddalone, actor/director

“Thea’s show was really fun and creative and clearly a hit with the crowd. And she has great stage presence. Well done.”
—Barry Smith, writer/performer