Tech Sheets

“Jesus Loves You! (but hates me)” travels moderately light, but there are audio and lighting considerations that are important to the success of the show.

The basic set layout

We arrive at the venue with the following:

  • Rear-projection projector
  • 9′ X 6′ rear-projection screen
  • 3-part curtained backdrop (see photo to the right)
  • 4 set pieces (organ, altar, pulpit, and bench) 
  • Wireless microphone for Thea
  • Computers for multimedia projection (using our projector)
  • 12-channel mixer and various audio cables and connectors
We will arrange the set ourselves, happily working with stage management folks and other people who want to help out. (“Many hands make light the work” and all.) We enjoy collaborating with house audio and lighting professionals, too. For details about our technical requirements, please review our tech rider.

Minimum Stage Dimensions

  • 20 feet wide
  • 15 feet deep
  • 12 feet overhead clearance

Key Tech Information

The center section of our backdrop is made up of a 10′ X 10′ curtained frame with a rear-projection screen (approximately 9′ X 6′) in the center. Because of this, lighting the stage can be tricky. It’s very important to minimize the amount of light being cast on the screen in order to prevent a washed out projected image for the audience. See the plot below for lighting configurations:

Audio considerations

The following two stage plots show the basic positioning of the elements in Thea’s set, and the two possible audio configurations we run with:

  1. Stage Plot using house mixer – shows all of our audio sources as if they were going straight into the house system.
  2. Stage Plot using a simple stereo feed to house – for smaller houses that do not have a large enough mixing board, or where simplicity is the order of the day.