Fundraiser for two Vegas secular groups!

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At the end of January, 2016, we’re performing the full 2-act version of our production as part of a fundraiser for these two local groups:

  • Sunday Assembly Las Vegas (SALV)
  • Secular Student Alliance at UNLV


A Jesus puppet! Mary’s first orgasm! A public stoning! Thea Deley shares her story of growing up in a conservative Christian family and how a series of epiphanies — some painful, most hilarious — led her to leave the faith.

Thea may be the only comedian ever invited to perform at an Atheists convention AND a Baptist church. Filled with game shows, sketch comedy and spoof videos, “Jesus Loves You! (But Hates Me)” is Thea’s love note to everyone who’s survived religious indoctrination with their faith in humanity intact. For mature audiences only.


Saturday, January 30 at 7pm

Can't wait to see who wins Bible Feud in Sin City!
Can’t wait to see who wins Bible Feud in Sin City!

UNLV Student Union Theatre
4505 S Maryland Pkwy
Las Vegas, NV 89154

Click Here to purchase online. Tickets will be available at the door as well.

Written & Performed: Thea Deley & Mike Maxwell
Script Consultant/Acting Coach: Carol Lommen
Direction: Carol Lommen & Mike Maxwell
Sound Design: Mike Maxwell
Video Projection Design: Mike Maxwell
Tech Crew: Stephen Rokitka, Bill Cockshoot

This could be you! [photo by Dave Shinn]

“I laughed so hard I fogged up my glasses!”
—Kari Schoonhoven
Former Baptist

“Amazing, provocative, stunning and sharp. Thea’s articulation of what it means to be human and to love couldn’t have come across more clearly.”
Rev. Brian Henderson
First Baptist Church of Denver

“’Jesus Loves You! (But Hates Me)’ is intelligent, heartwarming, powerful, and above all else, hysterical. This is a show I would recommend to EVERYONE — believers and blasphemers alike!”
—Ashlee Bingham
Secular Student Alliance at Colorado Mesa University

“It is not an everyday occurrence that I go to a comedy expecting religion-bashing and instead find myself healing my own grievances against religion. Rated ‘RAD!’”
—Kailyn Lamb
Denver Metro State University student paper


“It is not an everyday occurrence that I go to a comedy expecting religion-bashing and instead find myself healing my own grievances against religion.” —Kailyn Lamb The Metropolitan [photo: Heather Newman]
[photo: Heather Newman]
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