Support the Tour

We’re booking gigs now for our 2013 tour, and YOU can help!


You can help us by donating your time to:

  • Find good-fit venues across the United States and Canada
  • Get the word out to your online network of friends/colleagues
  • Put up posters and hand out handbills around your town/campus
  • Set up media interviews with local community/public radio stations, college radio stations, entertainment weeklies, daily newspapers, local bloggers and alternative publications
  • Host us in your home

You’ll be in good company — all the actors, musicians, and backstage crew donated their time to create our show, from sewing costumes to writing songs. Sure we plied them with beer, but still! How very generous of them! We’ll ply you with free tickets and still call you generous, too.


You can help us even in towns you don’t live in if you know someone who does! Just email us the following:

  • Your Name and email
  • Name(s) of your friend/colleague and town(s) where they live
  • Email for your contacts

Take the time to fill out the above form and an irreverent product awaits you!


It’s costly to tour a show, from renting venues to printing posters to buying gas and food. Whenever possible we keep our costs down by staying with friends — heck, we’ll even stay with strangers, for that matter!

Before the end of this year we’ll be launching a Kickstarter campaign to kick-off our 2013 tour. Donating to that will help immensely. And if you’re reading this before or after that campaign, we still want your money! Please use this Paypal link here:

  • LINK

In exchange, we’ll comp you tickets, send you an irreverent prize, and/or get you up on stage during a game (unless, of course, that sounds like pants-pooping horror to you!).

Until then, stay in touch with us by email. Just enter your email address in the field next to Pastor Irv (in right column).

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